Saturday, 21 January 2012

Shoesss...Well, Converse

Strangely hypnotising; thus, Song of the week for me I think.

Totally unrelated, to most things other than it makes me go "COLOUR!!" and "I need some more converse." Because seeing how I literally have 2 pairs of shoes to my name up here in Carlisle, it really is an understatment.  (As a side note to this, I bought myself a pair of Converse for Xmas :D)

Jerome Masi's stuff is quite quirky.

Poster! With Converse Win win for me, Literally 8D Also, the message is quite heartwarmingly sweet.

It keeps redirecting me so i'm not sure /WHO/ did it

I don't think it's letting me add anymore in this one post, so I'll come back to it later. Also, I can actually form normal coherant sentences, and Yvonne if you read this at a later date, emoticon's aren't needed as much as you think they are, resist this urge!

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