Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Twins!

The artists and such are listed here <a href=> on the website the image is from </a> it's inspirational in a way, to see what other artists have done with the brief of 'conjoined twins'
The top two of the second images, i find beautiful, I have a thing for extreme contrasts and the middle one is just pleasing form me to look at, The composition of the end one pleases me xD 

 <a href=> The artists are listed here</a>

<a href=> From Judy Kaufmann </a> A simple way to look at the various way twins can be portrayed I guess, I don't know, compared to some of the other stuff I find its repetitiveness, quite .... boring?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ralph Steadman

Martin also told me to look at this guy, I can see why, his mark marking is just gorgeous, and right up the alley of things I like.

It's just, so very, so very beautiful.
I love the dark contrast, yet the overall balance of the image, ink, and the level of both 'detail' and 'undetailed' areas.

I'd load more but right now, my internet is being .... difficult.

Jim Dine

Martin told me I should do some research on a selection of artists he thought my work reminded him of, on tuesday. Jim Dine as a name sounded so familar, but I just couldn't place it.

Well. I placed it!

I had a 'garden' project back on my national diploma course, he was one of the 'advised' artists to look at. 
It makes so much sense now.

It's odd, because at the time, I clearly remember this piece being influential to me.

His 'Car Crash' Exhibition is so ... different to the stuff I know. 

Twins! Twins! Twins!

They're everywhere on this moodboard.

Tried to show various ages, genders, popularities etc.

Shoesss...Well, Converse

Strangely hypnotising; thus, Song of the week for me I think.

Totally unrelated, to most things other than it makes me go "COLOUR!!" and "I need some more converse." Because seeing how I literally have 2 pairs of shoes to my name up here in Carlisle, it really is an understatment.  (As a side note to this, I bought myself a pair of Converse for Xmas :D)

Jerome Masi's stuff is quite quirky.

Poster! With Converse Win win for me, Literally 8D Also, the message is quite heartwarmingly sweet.

It keeps redirecting me so i'm not sure /WHO/ did it

I don't think it's letting me add anymore in this one post, so I'll come back to it later. Also, I can actually form normal coherant sentences, and Yvonne if you read this at a later date, emoticon's aren't needed as much as you think they are, resist this urge!


What an Era for music apparently.

I Believe -

This pretty much sums up the lecture today. Amazingly, that 'Brisk' just makes me feel it's to much of a bile colour to be swifty; But I guess you'd then move on rather briskly woudln't you?

and then this, which is off a fairly descent blog I think. Showing the good combo of hot agaisnt cold colours. 

and then this, which links in apparently with me seeming to find type I like today that's made out of hands and or fingers.

It's by Michelle Romo, Her website her style can be so sickeningly cute though, .... even if it's about teeth a lot. 
Just copying everything from my other blog over to here!
I have tried everything to sign into that one, not happening, so this one is at least linked to my personal e-mail.

"Clearly, i'm only as tall as 2 A1 sheets of paper."